5 Tricky Escape Room Puzzles: Test Your Skills

Tue, 05 Nov, 2019

The diversity and surprise of Escape Room puzzles make them so exciting. Once the doors are closed, players are usually unaware of what awaits them! There are five puzzles that require extra effort in an Escape Room, making us work harder than usual. Let's find out what they are...

1. Books without content

Hollowed-out books are the best! It's not only fun to create them but they also fit perfectly as interactive puzzles. They are not too difficult to solve.

Books are great hiding spots as they rarely seem suspicious or unsuitable. When placing multiple books in a single room, players usually assume that they are just part of the decor. The hollowed-out part is big enough to add anything that makes the game more exciting. Even to mislead in the wrong direction!

2. Maps and instructions

Maps and instructions are boring at best, but imagine finding them in a cooking pot in an Escape Room. You'll realize how confusing that can be.

The quick interpretation of an Escape Room map or guide heavily relies on how organized and effective the teamwork is within a group. The minutes disappear so quickly that you wonder where all the time has gone!

Test your skills with 5 tricky escape room puzzles that require extra effort.

3. Missing codes and passwords

Escape Rooms are fascinating because of their flexibility and endless possibilities of reactions when a code is cracked. Each puzzle is a piece of a whole, like dominoes. After one is completed, the next puzzle will eventually fall, and in the end, everything comes together.

A missing code is thrilling because it can lead to something new in a variety of ways in the room. What exists beyond a code? Information? A symbol? or another code? 

A room with a missing password adds excitement to the group as everyone works towards a common goal.

4. The Chosen One

This is a cheeky trick that gamemasters sometimes use as an interactive tool to make guests feel more involved in the game.

In the most casual way possible, before the game starts, a gamemaster takes a lucky player aside. This player then receives access to a code or combination. The player is instructed to only share the secret once the group has discovered a certain word or phrase. The reveal makes this puzzle something truly special!

5. Locked diaries

Escape rooms with horror and murder themes often feature locked diaries, adding a sense of mystery and intrigue. The locked diaries create a sense that the pages contain something disturbing or refreshing. Opening the diary can be as easy as using a key or as thrilling as solving a puzzle.