Escape Room as a team building event in companies for staff

Fri, 15 Apr, 2022

If you are wondering what this is all about, we'll tell you more about what an escape room is and why it is a cool activity for team building. 

The point of this room is the game where your team has to be locked in a room, and you have to get out of it in a certain amount of time (usually an hour). There are various clues to be given to you to solve puzzles of varying difficulty, and the players have to find their way out in the appropriate room. Here, logical thinking, mathematical skills, strategic focus or good general knowledge can all come in handy. But if you play in a team, teamwork should definitely be a key skill. If you don't know how to do this, then escape room is perfect for building up this skill. There are no limits to inspiration here, every single puzzle can be put together into a cohesive whole. As a rule, these games always have a theme and an insightful storyline.

Escape games help to develop team building skills

Teams are always about different people, with different personalities, mindsets, habits and ways of seeing the world.  More often than not, when people from different points of view meet, there is either a misunderstanding or an argument. After all, everyone is used to making their own personal decisions and does not know how to listen to the other members of the team. Yes, this does happen. Escape room team building activities was invented precisely for such cases - to unite the team and help it find a compromise.  

The main purpose of corporate escape room events, of course, is to communicate, to incorporate ideas and suggestions from all participants and to find a way out of possible conflicts in the team together. If not all colleagues work together, it can quickly happen that some employees misunderstand key information or do not understand it at all, and thus the individual strengths of the team members are lost. In this team game, participants are in a sense forced to listen carefully to each other, otherwise some participants will remain trapped and will not find their way out.

This is also necessary to increase the self-esteem of the team. The opinions and ideas of quieter or more introverted colleagues are just as important on the way to solving the puzzle as those of extroverted colleagues. Leadership qualities, charisma and empathy are especially in demand among the more confident employees, because their task is to bring all colleagues together. Only then can team spirit and cohesion be created and the puzzle solved.

Mutual respect and a cool head in a playfully simulated pressure situation will fuse you together in this exciting team activity. This emotional team-building exercise provides an adrenaline rush and increases agility. Emotional experiences are anchored in long-term memory. This leads to a transfer of positive emotions to intra and interpersonal communication within the team.
They encourage the team to think creatively and atypically. The routine of daily office tasks often becomes boring, and everything becomes like 'Groundhog Day'. Therefore, it is necessary to break employees out of their everyday boredom and put them in a surreal atmosphere. This will greatly improve company communication and teamwork. 

The use of problem-solving skills as well as critical thinking is also equally important. Just like at work - only by joining forces together do you get out of difficult, stressful situations together. Get to know each other better. Maybe you'll make new friends or advance your career by helping your boss solve a puzzle. Joke. Or not...

These games give you a chance to see the top players and determine who is a true team player and who only thinks of themselves.
Learn to communicate and rely on each other. When trust develops in a business environment, it increases the productivity of all employees. 

Why Escape Rooms? 

All right. This can help achieve some goals.

Do you want to boost your team's performance in a fun way?  Add Escape Games to the list of corporate activities for your company. This kind of out-of-office adventure could be just what your team needs to improve communication and creative thinking. This is a good way to unwind, but thinking and getting your brain working at the same time. These help to make your team more united and more effective. Work works, but it's important to have friends amongst your co-workers.

It gives your colleagues a chance to get to know each other better and improve group dynamics and communication skills through unconventional entertainment and a good mood.

NoWayOut is perfect for team-building games, as our games are all about teamwork from the start. But individual abilities are also strongly encouraged. On the one hand, this means that players get to know each other better and learn to assess each other's strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand, everyone learns about their own personal strong points and weak points, and thereby gains more confidence in themselves and their actions. 

Escape games can help you learn how to handle stress and time better.

What is team building for? The first and most important reason is for the business to work smoothly and efficiently.⠀

  • Team building and the creation of a "team spirit". It is the spirit which makes ordinary people become like-minded, convinced that each of them is a direct participant in the success.
  • Building teamwork and communication. A team is about properly assigned tasks, constant feedback and mutual support.
  • Team building can be successfully combined with training of employees, both in their professional function and in order to improve their general knowledge.
  • It is also a great opportunity to relax and unwind from everyday life together with the whole team.

To get out of the room, you have to have or find a common approach to problem-solving. The competence to solve problems together as a team is trained and improved. Your employees can then easily integrate the acquired competencies into their daily work and put them into practice. Just as in a game where one person is unlikely to escape alone, the same is true in a working environment: problem-solving is usually best found in teamwork.

Why are escape room games for team building so popular?

In Escape Room group games, you not only take part in an adventure together, but also have a lot of fun and get to know each other better. This kind of team-building activity is a welcome change from the daily grind. Our games require a lot from the participants and at the same time provide enough new, thrilling experiences to keep them motivated all the time.

With a proper and well-crafted plot, a story is told that players can immerse themselves in and fully embrace. The fiction is presented as realistically as possible. In this way, players develop the ambition to solve a crime or even defuse a bomb in the allotted time.

A special feature of team building in the Escape Room is that everyone - really everyone - can take an active part and everyone can show their strengths. This is not always the case, for example, in sporting events.

Here's how escape rooms help in team building.

Communication is the most important thing in a team. Proper communication plays a crucial role in whether the team is doing well or not. It's not just about casual communication, as colleagues should also be able to discuss things with each other on a healthy and objective level. Listening to each other is just as important, because only when everyone's thoughts and suggestions are taken into account will the work be done.

In the process of communication, it is also important to raise the issue of help, more precisely, requests for help. This is difficult for many people and can lead to problems within the company. However, when solving puzzles, it is important to ask each other for help and understand that this is also normal.

Team building programs

Don't know what to do for a corporate party?

The answer is easy - an Escape Room!

Have a great time with your colleagues solving puzzles, looking for clues and thinking together as one.

You'll see your co-workers in a whole new light, and become even better friends.

Choose your favorite genre and take your team on an epic adventure solving challenges and riddles.