Experience Captivating Puzzles: Escape Room Quests

Fri, 14 Jun, 2019

What exactly happens inside an escape room?


As most of activities in entertainment industry you need a team to accomplish the task. Be it your friends or family, colleagues or soulmate, you will enjoy your time in Escape Room. You do not require any special skills or knowledge but please do not forget to bring your enthusiasm!


There are two of them.

  • 1. Escape from the room on time!
  • 2. Have fun!


Your objective may vary though. Most common ones will be to exit the room through solving riddles designed by a developer. However, creativity does not stop there and your goal can be to find a specific element inside the room or collect items that will add up to an object, or like nowayout.ae offers in Dubai - destroy the video tape from the Ring movie! Hundreds of game story boards are waiting for you to submerse into the world of adventure or thriller, drama or history, horror or humor.


Story line of chosen mind game will dictate the atmosphere of the room. Some games will make you feel relaxed and the ticking time will not follow your mind at every step, while other games will put huge pressure burden on your shoulders from first seconds of your great escape experience. The best games are subversive games where you are relocated to the world of magic to save the school without hesitation, or renaissance era of Da Vinci where you have to act fast, solving puzzle of the genius, maybe you will choose to visit Belvedere Mission to steal The Kiss painting of Gustav Klimt in the atmosphere of complete silence and anxiety.

Embark on a journey of enigmatic adventures with our thrilling Escape Room mysteries. Can you unlock the secrets within?


There are many quest rooms out there with mechanical puzzles where the only way to exit the room lies in opening padlocks with keys and codes. Next more advanced level is when physical activity meet technological innovations. Imagine how subversive the game would be when you can literally open doors and light candles with only the move of your magic wand. Or how impressed you will feel when motion detector, noise meter, or light indicator will move you to the next step of the game. At nowayout-escape.at we use the most advanced technologies and even more than that!


Most common timeframe from your escape is 60 minutes. Do not worry about pressures clock ticking in the room. Developers designed games for your enjoyment and there is highly unlikely that you will finish all tasks in much greater time. Remember to keep an eye on the minutes hand! Rush things if needed. Game masters are always there ready for any kind of assistance.

Most important is to have fun with your team members!


The key objective of any entertainment activity is to entertain people and make sure they leave home with the feelings of pleasure and joy. Regardless of whether you manage to solve all the puzzles on time, as ancient oriental wisdom says that true traveler enjoys journey more than final destination. Experience the subversive environment of the game, appreciate the work that you have put in to finish most of the puzzles and thank the people that did it alongside with you. Escape games are definitely fun and we believe that true experience will make you want to come back for more!