From Fear to Elation: An Escape Room Player's Emotions!

Tue, 16 Jun, 2020

An escape room propels players onto an unpredictable emotional journey, imprinting each player with an indelible memory. Here are the five stages of emotions you are likely to undergo in a 60-minute escape game.

Phase #1: Apprehension

Once you step into the Escape Room, no matter how experienced you are, a little anxiety might kick in! All participants commonly experience fear, the fear of the unknown, the fear of failure, or the fear of embarrassment. The game masters, with their rich experience, can detect the nervous vibes radiating from each player.

Phase #2: Bewilderment

The onset of an escape game can be overwhelming, with its array of puzzles, props, and the room's detailed decor. Just as an oven requires some preheating before you can put in the food, consider this your 'brain preheating' time. Once your group adjusts to the new surroundings and the initial confusion dissipates, you'll notice a faster pace.

Venture into the emotional roller coaster stages of an Escape Room player - a captivating journey unfolds!

Phase #3: Excitement!

Having navigated through the initial stages, it's time to ramp up the momentum.

Explore the escape room's lively ambiance, where positivity and excitement fill the air. Participants take on their roles, set goals, and communicate effortlessly, creating an enriching experience.

Just like a well-oiled machine, everyone now knows their task to achieve that hard-to-grasp successful escape.

Phase #4: Stalemate and Despair

Then comes the challenging part. After a steady progress, your team hits a roadblock. The toughest puzzle of the room looms large, and despite numerous attempts, there seems to be no way out. 

Time is running out, conflicts sprout, and the first signs of cracks in your strategy begin to appear. Is your team strong enough to weather this storm?

Phase #5: Triumph!

In a moment of triumph akin to the legendary scientist Archimedes' exclamation, "Eureka, Eureka!" Your team achieves a breakthrough, and victory is almost yours.

With a few fleeting minutes to spare, you speed through the remaining puzzles, and finally, you've managed to escape the room! Embrace the overwhelming emotions of joy, relief, and euphoria - you've made it, finally done! The esteemed honor of being triumphant escapees awaits you!