Ready for the Escape? Your First Escape Room Journey Awaits!

Thu, 30 Jan, 2020

Your first escape room experience can be an emotional whirlwind, combining excitement, anticipation, and a hint of fear. It's completely natural to feel a bit anxious before diving into your first Escape Game. Here's a glimpse of what lies ahead during your adventure:


Upon arriving at the escape room venue, the game master will warmly welcome you. Their role is to acquaint you with the game's rules and immerse you in the captivating story of the room you've chosen.

Get ready to learn about the background narrative, objectives, and the unique roles you and your team will embody. This is your prime opportunity to ask any burning questions you may have!

Discover What Lies Ahead in Your First Escape Room. Solve Puzzles, Work as a Team, and Experience the Adventure!

How It Works: 

The clock starts ticking the moment the door locks behind you, initiating the 60-minute time limit. Depending on the theme you select, you might encounter live actors adding depth to the storyline. To progress through the game, you'll need to discover clues, keys, and hidden objects meticulously scattered throughout the room. Engaging in puzzle games will lead you to the answers and solutions essential for your escape.

Solving Puzzles:

In escape rooms, you'll find loads of puzzles, each requiring different problem-solving abilities. Please don't worry if you are unable to decipher all of them independently. Working together is crucial; everyone should give their best to solve the mysteries. Only then should you consider giving up.

Escaping the Room: 

While most groups find the 60-minute window ample for escaping, some might face a tougher challenge. If you find yourself unable to break free within the hour, the game master will be there to assist. You can either receive hints to crack particularly tricky parts or have the door opened, based on your preference.

A Second Chance: 

Should you leave the escape room with unsolved puzzles, fret not. You have the opportunity to come back for a second attempt at a later time. So, embrace the adventure, enjoy the journey, and keep the thrill alive!