The Weirdest Escape Rooms in the World - Dare to Enter?

Tue, 14 Apr, 2020

Escape rooms come in various forms, sizes, themes, and technologies. With thousands of active Escape Rooms worldwide, each one offers a distinct and one-of-a-kind experience. No two rooms are ever identical!

Discover the thrill of five truly unique escape rooms, all boasting extraordinary features and located in unique environments. Get ready to embark on unforgettable adventures in these mind-bending challenges.

1. Hopper’s Cabin: A "Stranger Things" Escape Adventure

If you're a "Stranger Things" fan, you'll love the Hopper's Cabin escape game! Immerse yourself in the world of the beloved character Hopper and his secluded cabin, now transformed into an escape room for die-hard fans. This captivating experience takes place at Sleepy Hollow Farm, an adventure theme park in Powder Springs, Georgia. The renowned escape room provider 'Escape Woods' hosts it.

2. Flight 338: A High-Flying Escape Challenge

Prepare for a world-first experience at Flight 338, an escape room situated inside a decommissioned airplane in London. This escape room madness is a must-try for all enthusiasts. The ingenious team at "Riddle Within" orchestrated the setup and shipped the airplane specifically for this one-of-a-kind implementation, inspired by the popular concept from the United States.

Step into the world of strange and peculiar adventures! These weirdest escape rooms offer you an out-of-the-box experience. Are you ready?

3. PANTS//OFF: A Mobile Escape Adventure

Step into the world of 'PANTS//OFF,' where a group of innovative friends designed a mobile escape room prototype concealed within a single wearable pair of pants! Dr. Flouride, the sinister villain, caused the pants to be rigged with explosive traps. Will you free yourself from this perilous situation within 10 minutes? The stakes are high, and the clock is ticking!

4. The Recruit: A Challenge of Wit and Cunning

Experience "The Recruit" escape room at "The Escape Manor" in Ottawa, Canada, designed to test the skills of aspiring security and intelligence personnel. With the help of the CSE - Communications Security Establishment, the room is an authentic portrayal of real-life scenarios encountered by CSE personnel during regular workdays. Can you conquer this extreme challenge with a success rate of only 14%?

5. The Escape Game: A World of Possibilities

In the heart of Midtown Manhattan, "The Escape Game" offers escape rooms tailored to the group's skill level. With its adaptability, the game guarantees an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone. The ingenious team behind "The Escape Game" has devised a system that allows game masters to modify clues and puzzles dynamically, depending on the group's progress.

Dive into the adventure, explore the room, and challenge yourself with "The Escape Game." Will you find your way out, or will you be trapped with "no way out"? Discover the excitement and thrill of these unique escape rooms today!