Top 5 themed escape rooms in Vienna

Fri, 03 Mar, 2023


Da Vinci Escape Room

The Da Vinci Escape Room is an exciting adventure-themed room suitable for adults and teens. This room is designed to test your intelligence, critical thinking, and teamwork skills as you try to solve puzzles and unlock clues that will lead you to escape. The room contains secrets, hidden objects, and mysteries that will not let you rest.

School of Magic escape room

The School of Magic escape room is a Harry Potter-themed escape room. That room is perfect for:
The room is filled with magical puzzles and riddles that will surely transport you to the world of wizards. The decor and atmosphere of the room are breathtaking, making you feel like a part of the story. It is a must-visit for every Harry Potter fan who visits Vienna.

Escape room "Mission Belvedere

The Mission Belvedere escape room is an action-packed, adventure-themed room perfect for adults and children. In the room, you will participate in a mission to return a stolen painting from the Belvedere Palace. The room is full of surprises; you must use your problem-solving skills to escape before the time runs out.

The Nun Escape Room

You should try The Nun Escape Room for those who love horror-style escape rooms. This room is designed to scare you, and it features a live actor to make the experience even more terrifying. However, if you prefer a less intense experience, the room offers an option without a live actor. This room is exclusively for adults.

The Unknown Escape Room

The Unknown Escape Room is another horror-themed room that features a live actor. The room is designed to keep you on your toes, and the puzzles are challenging enough to keep you on your toes. Like The Nun escape room, the room offers an option without a live actor for those who prefer a less intense experience. This room is exclusively for adults.

In conclusion, Vienna has some of the best escape rooms, and these five best-themed escape rooms are worth a try for anyone looking for an exciting adventure. Whether you are a Harry Potter, horror, or adventure fan, there is something for everyone in these rooms.

So, gather your friends and family and prepare for an exciting experience.