Unite Through Escape Room: Experience Amazing Group Gaming!

Thu, 23 Jan, 2020

Private escape games are the norm for most escape companies, but watch out for tricky advertisements. It informs you in the fine print that you and your group will be grouped with strangers upon arrival...

Why you should always avoid the last option?

It's about building relationships!

Escape Games provide a fantastic opportunity to build better connections and lasting memories with your fellow players. Unlock an unforgettable escape with your favorite people - colleagues, family, and friends. Acquaintances make the adventure even more exciting than strangers!

Comfortable Escape Games - Enjoy a personal atmosphere with your loved ones without the challenge of working with strangers.

It's not so awkward...

Escape rooms have limited space - it could get personal without a place to hide! The one hour can pass very slowly when you are forced to communicate and puzzle with strangers. Some people might like the challenge, but most prefer comfort, especially when the escape room is already tough.

It's YOUR experience!

Meeting new people is great, but there's definitely a time and place for it. Solving an escape game is an exciting experience - and most importantly, YOUR experience! Stepping into an exciting world is not as impressive when you are busy learning the names of your new unknown teammates. Let your craziness run free with acquaintances without having to worry about strangers.

It's in your own interest

Combining individual groups of strangers to reach the maximum number of people is certainly in the interest of the escape companies themselves. But for you and your teammates, it can mean being in the minority compared to strangers. If that's the case, there is a risk of not having a say or control in the course of the game. Make sure your escape adventure goes on under your own terms!