Virtual Adventures: Top Escape Room Video Games

Thu, 09 Jan, 2020

Escape rooms, beloved today, originated as video games in the early 90s. Innovative video games paved the way for the Escape Room industry we know now, with enduring 'Escape the Room' franchises.

Discover the best escape room-style puzzle games, perfect for thrilling adventures from the comfort of your home!

Zero Escape Series

In 2009, Japan witnessed the launch of the Zero Escape Series, originally named 'Kyoguken Dasshutsu,' delivering an 'Extreme Escape' experience.

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The game itself works exactly like a real escape room. The player must solve puzzles and make a series of decisions in the game. Ultimately, this then affects the end of the game. The chain of scenarios mirrors modern escape room design, with players experiencing thrills and mental challenges firsthand.


Originally developed in 1993 for Mac OS, Myst saw subsequent releases for Windows and PlayStation in 1994 and 1996. The game's remarkable success led to a remastered version launching on Steam in 2015.

A turning point emerged in 2019 when the franchise bade farewell to video games. The cause? The thrilling opportunity for "Roadshow Pictures" to produce an enthralling film and television series inspired by the game.

Explore the captivating world of Escape Rooms! From video games to thrilling home adventures. Solve puzzles and uncover mysteries at home!

At the heart of the series is The Stranger, an enigmatic protagonist. He possess a unique ability to journey to the mysterious island of 'Myst' through a special book.

The game was super celebrated for its crazy captivating atmosphere, making the mystery and adventure even more awesome!

The Room

The Room made its debut in 2012, captivating players worldwide with its puzzle-solving gameplay. It achieved tremendous success, selling almost 12 million copies by 2016. With its distinctiveness from other games, The Room delivers a unique experience. 

Inviting players to tackle mysterious locked puzzle boxes containing intricate mechanisms and puzzles. This creates an authentic escape room challenge.